Bruce Woodward home detention of tax evasion and perjury

The Tauranga-based accountant was sentenced in Tauranga District Court on Wednesday to 10 months' home detention and 150 hours of community service on tax evasion charges. He was also sentenced to six months' home detention to be served concurrently for perjury.

He had been convicted in March on eight charges of filing misleading tax returns, five charges of failing to file returns, and one charge of perjury.

Inland Revenue Department's group manager, investigations and advice, Patrick Goggin, says this is the first case for the IRD involving a perjury charge.

"Inland Revenue requested that Woodward attend an interview in July 2009 and provide us with all of his company's accounts and records. He was also advised that he was required to answer all questions truthfully under oath," Mr Goggin said in a statement.

"At the start of the interview, he acknowledged that anything he said to us could not be used in criminal proceedings except on a charge of perjury, yet he deliberately withheld relevant information, and he also admitted that he had not co-operated with our officers.

"Accordingly he was charged with perjury in addition to tax evasion."

Mr Goggin said Woodward's company, Turnstyle Management Ltd, failed to return $41,000 of income tax between 2002 and 2007.

Woodward personally was found to have evaded tax of $69,500.

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A small drop in the number of Dutch act

THE NUMBER OF LIVES lost to suicide in Ireland in 2012 was slightly lower than that in 2011, according to official data published today.

The Central Statistics Office data indicates that 507 people took their own lives in 2012, a figure which marks a slight decrease on the 525 indicated in the office’s figures for 2011.

The suicide prevention charity Console said the nominal decrease in suicides did not reveal the full picture, and supported calls for a real-time register to note suicide deaths.

Its director of services Ciaran Austin said the figures showed a 46 per cent increase in the number of people over 55 who were taking their own lives.

“The regional data is also alarming, with several counties recording rates of suicide well above the national average of 11.6 per 100,000 population,” he said.

Those included Limerick, which had the country’s highest rate of suicide, at 26.6 per 100,000 deaths. Cork city had a rate of 25.6 suicide deaths per 100,000, while Wexford had a rate of 21.2 and Mayo 19.9.

Though there was some good news in the figures for suicides among those aged between 15 and 24, which fell slightly in 2012, Austin said Ireland still had the fourth-highest suicide rate for that age group of any EU member state.

He also raised concerns about the number of deaths which were recorded as being of “undetermined” cause.

Those figures include cases where a suicide is the likely cause of death, but where a coroner cannot formally declare this, due to the presence of other factors such as a significant alcohol intake.

Separately, the CSO’s figures indicated that there was only one case in Ireland in 2012 where a woman died as a result of complications in pregnancy, childbirth or puerperium, the state closely following childbirth.

That is recorded as being a woman aged between 25 and 34, whose death was recorded in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Different monitoring dedicated hard disk and ordinary hard drive

Since its launch in 2007 Seagate monitoring dedicated hard since, incomplete statistics embedded hard disk video recorder (SDVR ) problem is about 60% from the hard disk, accompanied by the development of new technology of video data to generate data into geometric growth, but the problem of hard disk lost data is tricky, but each time the hard problem, engineering developers to on-site service, on-site service will increase obviously bring service cost, while the project is also a brand image loss teco electric motor ac.

The project developers, after you install the hard problem less, your profit will increase, service cost you in reducing, you do more to reassure customers. The project will not have to worry about the hard problem which often door-to-door service, the service costs, and even cause the whole project losses. For end users, if the hard disk failure is less, so the risk of data loss is reduced, the system more secure, let the monitoring system truly play its due role. They are special user security, defense industry SDVR system user or the need for continuous operation (Internet, KTV ) mass storage products to provide a highly reliable, customized performance, users can more easily storage management surveillance video, his own TV show, video, photos and files.

These monitoring dedicated hard disk ( hereinafter referred to as : SDVR special disk ) in addition to product identification and generalize sheet looks from the exterior is no different from an ordinary PC hard disk, but the function of SDVR and the parameters of special hard disk is more suitable for professional use, their differences are as follows:

1 continuous working time difference

Design of common PC drive based on 5*8; 5 ×8 refers to the ordinary PC hard work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week work ( hard work refers to is hard to read and write state. In need of special attention is the hard disk after power has two states: working state and wait state, the working state is the hard disk read and write, wait state is hard not to read and write the work but is in a standby state. )

SDVR hard disk is developed according to 7× 24 enterprise environment requirements. 7 ×24 is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (i.e., continuous work ). Common PC disk is not suitable for long time continuous reading and writing, the common PC disk read and write long time continuous abnormal sound, read and write errors, the work stoppage and other problems, and caused the loss of data teco dc motor speed control.

Digital hard disk video recorder for year-round non-stop operation, therefore requires the stored video data of hard disk must first meet can work continuously for a long time, can satisfy this requirement is SDVR special disk.

2 power management (initiation difference )

All 3.5 inch hard disk contains two motor system ( spindle motor and magnetic arm motor ), so the hard power and motor starting when power up a similar situation : that is in the initial time and electricity will appear larger starting current in order to complete the hard disk boot. When power up the external power supply system hard disk can not guarantee sufficient current to support, then the hard disk will start failure, leading to the hard disk is not available. And if repeated appear this kind of circumstance, easy to cause damage to the hard disk.

Because of the power supply drive motor is composed of DC 12V meet with the external power supply system, so when the starting current evaluation hard to the current 12V standard. Common PC disk boot current in 2.8A ~ 3.2A. SDVR special disk starting current up to 2.0A.

Digital hard disk video recorder often use multiple hard disk for data storage, to install 8 pieces of hard disk as an example: the common PC disk starting current is 2.8 × 8=22.4A, the lowest power consumption for 22.4A * 12V=268.8W. SDVR hard disk to start the current 2.0A * 8=16A, the highest power consumption is 16A x 12V=192W. As can be seen, the lower SDVR special hard external power supply systems in the same disk number of cases (number of SDVR special disk can be installed on the external power supply also the output power of the support, the more).

Note: in the above case, if the external power supply system can only support 250W, is used when the PC disk will appear some hard disk can be identified, some hard disk can not be identified, and no regularity, and special hard disk can easily identify.

3 power consumption and heat difference ( important )

Here the power consumption refers to the consumption of hard disk write state in normal reading.

The power consumption of ordinary PC hard disk is generally about 14.5 watts, power consumption SDVR special disk is generally about 8 watts. As can be seen, SDVR hard disk power consumption is only equivalent to an ordinary PC hard disk power consumption 55%, low power consumption not only is important for power system, but also has important significance to digital hard disk video recorder system heat dissipation ( power consumption about 75% will be converted to heat ) PC Remote Control.

In the digital hard disk recorder, if installed 8 pieces of hard disk, the PC disk to run the total power consumption is 14.5W * 8=116W, SDVR hard disk running total power consumption is 8W x 8=64W. If using the ordinary PC hard disk, you can imagine the VCR in digital hard disk so little space has such a high heating source, for the cooling system requirements are very high, in order to protect the hard disk has a reasonable environment temperature ( 0~ 60 ℃), must carry on the effective heat dissipation on hard disk system. While using SDVR special disk, heating it much better, reduces the system cooling requirements make the system adaptable to the environment.

The 4 transmission difference ( control panel unique technology )

SDVR special disk in addition to transmission mode using the traditional PC hard drive, transmission mode also introduced an updated ---- the discontinuous transmission mode, the mode of transmission of up to 65MB/S. Through the introduction of the discontinuous transmission mode, the drive convection media support more reliable, full protection of digital hard disk recorder playback in the entry at the same time, fluency and stability, which is characteristic of other common hard disk does not have.

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The Spring Festival gift packaging generally overweight

Chinese New Year approaching, gift sales in the peak season, the reporter visited the market found, holiday gifts excessive packaging problem still serious, all kinds of tea, wine, health products and other commodities " dressed up" occupy the major shopping malls, supermarkets, a prominent position, in the name of special purchases for the spring Festival earn sufficient the attention of consumers Hong Kong Gifts and Premium.

Gift packaging generally overweight

Yesterday afternoon, reporters in the Garden Street in a supermarket wine bar, open a red wine red gift bag packaging, saw a 750 ml bottle of wine gifts the price of 1188 yuan, installed in one of about 10 cm high, 10 cm wide and 30 cm long, thick wooden gift box, wooden gift box also covered with velvet and wood shavings. The wooden box was carefully with a sliding top Ming lock, and a yellow ribbon to wear and to facilitate the carrying box. The reporter tried to box, plus interior filled with wine, estimated weight in 2kg, that is to say the packing box weight than the wine itself more Grandmart promotional premium.

In another supermarket tea area, all kinds of exquisite packaging box a superb collection of beautiful things. Reporter discovery, a box of a Mount Huangshan Mao Feng gift box has a 1kg of the weight, and the net content of tea packing box only 150g, far more important than the tea itself. At the same time, reporter in the special purchases for the Spring Festival on the shelf to find a luxury honey gift box, a layer of imitation is the wooden box, is a layer of foam, one layer is a satin fabric, the last two 400ml bottles jars of honey embedded in it.

Gifts to send a " decent "

In a supermarket tobacco shop, the sales staff is to give customers recommend high-end liquor, she said: " the two bottles of gift box is red wood materials from refined, box surface carved dragon and patterns, quality, sense of art, but also the bottle itself has two layers, the inner container is ceramics ... ... " " This wine to send people to have the face, bought. " One side of the customer busy then saying.

" The bulk of the things Nabuchushou, packaging is not beautiful enough to be ashamed of. " A selection of high-grade wine in the Jiafu supermarket old told reporters, good face thought, the pursuit of exquisite gift packaging of high commodity prices, boosting the phenomenon of excessive packaging. " In fact, this has not fresh topic, right around rotating gift culture has existed in China, have the Spring Festival holiday, not inappropriate, send to send very decent. "

Standard definition difficult

" Should be clearly excessive packaging as commercial fraud, in accordance with the law of anti-unfair competition law and consumer protection law and other day-to-day supervision punishment. " The industry told the reporter, in April 1, 2010 the official implementation of " restrictions on excessive packaging of goods required national standards for food and cosmetics " mandatory : the packaging layer 3 layer below, void ratio is less than 60%, the packaging cost does not exceed the sales price of 20%. But this so-called excessive packaging standards, fundamentally speaking, it is difficult to make a clear division, such as some luxury packaging, only a layer of thick packaging, not excessive packaging Grandmart advertising premium?

" From thought improve knowledge, change idea. Society should increase propagandist strength, simple, guide rational consumption concept, foster healthy social environment. " Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Kaiyu said, the government and industry associations should further strengthen the guidance, vigorously guide enterprises to establish and strengthen the idea against plain packaging, excessive packaging, advocate appropriate packaging, so as to save money, the purpose of saving resources.

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Processing inventory clothing

In the production of a serious surplus today, full of discount cry, how to handle the clothing inventory fast is often dealers most headache problem, only one party is willing and discounted price, often the past will affect the overall image of the brand and price system, Cheap baby clothes is most partents reduce customer loyalty, not discounted, clothing products too easily outdated technology, in the warehouse will be more and more cheap, finally turned into a pile of waste cloth. Then after the peak season how fast processing clothing inventory, it whether manufacturers or dealers are tricky, especially products strong seasonal, want to is not short off-season is not an easy task!

In addition to the reason of apparel inventory seasonal factors, should also take into consideration the quality of the product itself, the price of the product, promotion strategy issues and problems of consumption environment. In general, if the advertising is not in place, will cause the terminal promotion is insufficient. Production enterprises lack of overall planning and reasonable regulation of the market, not do market research do not know exactly how the market demand for the blind production, leading to market demand and clothing production formed a large gap, resulting in serious clothing product inventory. Off-season to just think I should do? And do not correspond to the policy in the coming season ago. Save is always good, cramming is not feasible. The so-called fight no battle unprepared is the truth.

So how to quickly and efficiently handle the clothing inventory? And the marketing plan that processing inventory should be " fast and hard, accurate", although only three short words it has many. The main method of processing clothing inventory:

Special stores or special monopoly stores in shopping malls. Sale site for the Chinese people is still relatively popular, after all, we Chinese people's pockets are not so drum, so timely and let everyone think make a small cheap is a wise move. Some consumers have formed the habit of consumption, especially for the brand is not the sale that expensive tightfisted, Baby wear online need know some advise sale and let everyone think the opportunity is rare not to pay all difficult.

Wave breaking on freshness time. Wave breaking on the goods is not a one-time all commodity season all out, but according to the characteristics of products in several stages on the goods, such as autumn autumn, autumn and autumn can be divided three times on the goods, because each stage of the customer 's needs are different, this would be the ideal commodity customer 's mind is A, and yet you will all take up ABC, so although the customer choice will be more, but more goods will disturb the customer 's line of sight, once all the goods also makes the goods look old and no freshness.

A large quantity of styles in advance on the goods. As the goods time in autumn and winter, many stores will choose August fifteen day, recommendations can be 8-10 days in advance to hang window in advance to the consumers to leave a good impression, also can attract some fashion consumers. But not all of a sudden all all out, only to come up with the largest amount of dozens of paragraph. And the marketing plan is obtained through market research, inventory biggest paragraph is often thought that the best selling explosion. So these products will be put before consumption, implement the data rate, from touch delivery, ask rate and try rate etc..

Conversion of the circulation channel, buy from baby clothes online take the wholesale marketing. Some brand new and hot styles go big shopping malls and stores sales channels, on the other hand, for some old, relatively difficult to pin style with a relatively low price wholesale market. This approach is very contradictory, on brand image will be affected, but many brands are using this strategy, the general enterprises as soon as possible in order to digest inventory also did not consider so much.

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